Eds (Not) Dead – Leadership, Hiring, and “Rahm-ing” it Through

It’s summertime and for principals that means staffing and for teachers, it’s time to switch schools, take on a new challenge in a new position, or find that first teaching position. During this episode, we’re going to discuss how to hire the best teachers which is an inexact science but crucial to school improvement. Also, we’re going to dive into Rahm Emmanuel’s new and controversial educational mandate in Chicago Public Schools that requires students to have a college acceptance, apprenticeship, job, military attestation, or gap plan in order to graduate. Finally, we’re also going to kick off our first installment of a regular segment called “Dear Betsy.” It will be our take on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ latest move to improve or some might say undermine public education. Today on Dear Betsy we are going discuss the Education Department’s latest move to suspend regulations that protect students who borrow to attend college.

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