System? What System?

Ballou High School Graduation Debacle, Hot Takes!, and Dear Betsy!

1st Segment:

During today’s show, we discuss the following topics during our first segment:

  • From the Washington Post, we discuss the previously lauded Ballou High School where it was just discovered that many students who received a diploma missed an extensive amount of school (so much so that they probably shouldn’t have graduated by traditional metrics).
  • More than 1 of every 10 students receiving a diploma from a D.C. public high school last year missed most of the academic year, according to an investigation released Tuesday that casts a shadow on a district that has trumpeted improvements in graduation rates.
  • What does it mean to receive a diploma? Why is there doubt cast upon the students, when in reality it is an adult-created / system-created problem?

2nd Segment: Hot Takes!

In our second segment, we bring back Hot Takes! and talk about school awards, teacher evaluations, tracking students to specific careers, and extracurricular activities.

Final Segment: #DearBetsy!

In our final segment, we bring back another beloved segment all about #DearBetsy! During #DearBetsy, we discuss Devos’ most recent speech that posits that Bush 2 and Obama’s respective education reforms have done little to impact students.

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