Hot Takes, SchoolHouse302, & 1T’s Vindication


During this episode of Ed’s (Not) Dead, we welcome Dr. T.J. Vari and Dr. Joseph Jones on the show. Dr. Vari and Dr. Jones cofounded TheSchoolHouse302 blog, which is a leadership development institute startup firm. Both Joe and T.J. are well-versed in topics of school leadership and we are so glad to have them on the show for episode 5.

Today, we discuss TJ’s and Joe’s framework on hiring and retaining high quality teachers.They have structured their BDA framework after a very well known approach to reading comprehension.

During Episode 5, we premiere two new segments, one of which is produced through “Education Excellence” and Michael Levin Epstein and Sue Sempeles. Throughout Education Excellence we will be focusing on success stories with guests who are making a big difference in the field of education right now.

The second new segment premiered on this episode is called “Hot Takes.” Hot Takes is a segment where Peter, Robby, and Casey discuss a random assortment of education issues with a few rules: Thoughts can be completely uninformed (or ill-informed), highly biased, and may be considered ridiculous overall.


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