Resegregation, Defining Equity, & Why “Lectures” are NOT “Stories”

Equity in Schools Series (Part 1)

During today’s show, we discuss how Florida is in the process of “resegregating” their schools and what that means for closing the opportunity gaps across the nation. Using Moriah Balingit’s article from the Washington Post (linked here) we discuss why it is happening, and what we should be thinking about in regard to its impact across the country.

Then, we have the absolute pleasure in having THE Curtis Linton on the show with us for Part 1 of our series on equity in schools. During our discussion, we discuss how equity is defined for schools, how it different schools experience success in equitable outcomes, how student autonomy=greater equity, and the difference between multiculturalism and equity in schools.

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Curtis Linton is the CEO and founder of Curious School. He is a renowned expert in educational equity and growth leadership. In his career, he has documented on film and in writing with School Improvement Network the successful practices of hundreds of successful schools, organizations, and leaders. He is the best-selling author of the Equity 101 series and co-author of the award winning Courageous Conversations About Race. With Curious School, Curtis is supporting the development of principals and educational leaders through the Growth & Equity Leadership Institute–a dynamic peer-to-peer collaborative learning experience that brings together engaged educators who aim to become Authentic Leaders, Equity Advocates, and Social Entrepreneurs capable of building equitable learning environments that work for diverse learners. After adopting their children, Curtis and his wife Melody started the Domino Foundation, which serves families that have adopted transracially with social and learning opportunities. They live with their two beautiful children in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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