We’re not in Kansas Anymore & the After School Special!

During today’s show, we discuss what some Kansas education policy makers are planning on doing with their public schools (hint: it’s probably not a good idea). From the Lawrence Journal-World, we discuss the idea of no longer adhering to age-level grading, the impacts it may have, and why it actually might be a decent idea (to some degree).

In our second segment, we have a very special guest on from our friends over at Education Excellence – Ardith Wieworka is our guest tonight.

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Guest Information:

Ardith is the Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership, a non-profit agency dedicated to ensuring that all children and youth have equal access to high quality afterschool and summer programming, before school, after school, and during the summer months. She also serves on the senior management team of Child Development and Education, an early education and school age care program serving 4000 children in Massachusetts.

Prior to her work in the private for-profit and non-profit education sectors, Ardith served in state government as the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Office for Children and the Office of Child Care Services, overseeing the field of early education and expanded learning opportunities.

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